A Legacy of Exceptional Appliance Service.

We’ve been at this a long time. Learn more about our team, where we’ve been, and where we are going.

Our journey began in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, in 1960. The seed of providing top-notch appliance repair and servicing was sown back then and has been nurtured with dedication and quality service ever since. Our commitment to keep your home running smoothly has never wavered, and that’s because it’s more than a business for us; it’s a key part of who we are.

As our community has grown, we’ve grown with it – meeting needs throughout Alabama, and then expanding our network first into Northern Florida and then across the Gulf Coast and into Southern Tennessee. And our network continues to grow as we stay true to our commitment to provide the best service anywhere – stepping into new opportunities and finding new ways to bring the best of the best into every appointment we make and customer we serve.


We’re honored to have come to be Alabama’s largest independent appliance service provider. But it’s not just about size – experience and quality are core to who we are and what we do. As we’ve grown to serve a wider area, we’ve also invested in training, certification, and quality of service. Now, we proudly service nearly all major appliance types, models and brands.

Because of our reputation and skill, we’re proud to be a member of the exclusive Whirlpool Factory Certified Care Network. This affiliation underlines our commitment to excellence in service and shows reputation for high-quality, timely, and reliable appliance repair services. We’re known for our expertise and the value we bring to our customers’ lives.


At the heart of our services lies our focus on quality. Every part we use provides reliability you can count on, and every service we offer comes with the assurance of a warranty. We’re not just servicing appliances; we’re crafting peace of mind.

Quality service is at the core of everything we do. Our technicians are trained to the highest standards of service – equipped with the latest tools and technologies, utilizing the highest quality parts for every repair, and all with industry-leading customer service. And to cultivate trust, we stand behind our work, covering every service and each part by warranties, further ensuring our dedication to quality.

Being ahead in the field of appliance repairs involves continuous learning and skill enhancement. At S & S Appliance Parts & Service, our technicians receive ongoing training to ensure that they are versed with the latest techniques, tools, appliance technologies, and quality standards.

Our brand has been built on the pillars of high-quality, timely, and dependable service over the course of six decades. The reputation S & S Appliance Parts & Service enjoys today is a testament to the trust of countless homeowners, our disciplined approach, and our relentless commitment to customer service. See for yourself exactly what sets us apart as a trusted partner in the appliance industry – schedule your next service today!