Why Is My Freezer Running But Not Freezing?

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The one thing that you need your freezer to do is freeze. So, when it’s running but failing to fulfill its intended purpose, it’s disrupting and inconvenient. If your freezer is on but has yet to reach the desired temperature or isn’t freezing things properly, you must find out where the problem lies.

There could be several reasons your freezer isn’t freezing and solutions to fix it. Our expert appliance contractors have listed the most common reasons a freezer is malfunctioning.

5 Possible Causes of Freezers Not Freezing

Plenty of things can cause a freezer to work poorly. Freezers have multiple components that need to be working to ensure the freezer runs and maintains the correct temperature. If your freezer isn’t working, here are some potential reasons.

1. Freezer Not Sealed Properly

One of the reasons your freezer might not be at the right temperature is that it needs to be sealed properly. The freezer needs to have a good seal so that no air escapes and the internal temperature can be maintained. Start by checking your freezer door and the seal around it to ensure it’s working as it should be. Something might be in the way, preventing the door from closing. You can also test the seal by putting a piece of paper between the freezer and the door. If you can remove the paper when the door is closed, the seal may need to be repaired or replaced.

2. Blocked Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan removes heat from the circulating air, pulling air into the freezer coils. If it’s blocked, it could mean your freezer doesn’t freeze properly. The issue could be that your freezer is packed poorly, and something is blocking the fan, preventing it from doing its job.

3. Broken Evaporator Fan

Another evaporator fan problem could be that it needs to be fixed. You could resolve this problem by cleaning the fan, which you could do yourself. The fan could also require repairs if it doesn’t work after cleaning. A broken motor or wires might prevent the evaporator fan from running properly.

4. Dirty Condenser Coils

When the condenser coils are dirty, this prevents your freezer from being as efficient as it should be. The condenser can start overcompensating because it’s retaining heat. It’s easy to fix this by cleaning the condenser coils. A regular appliance service will ensure this is taken care of too.

5. Start Relay Problem

A broken start relay means your compressor won’t receive the power it needs. You can check the condition of the start relay yourself. Turn off your freezer, open the back, unplug the start relay and shake it. If it rattles, you will need a replacement.


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